Reji Kebele - Ethiopian Coffee

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Tasting Notes: Lemon Candy, Black Tea

Hale Taste Scale: 8 - Bright and floral

Varietals: Heirloom

Process: Washed

Elevation: 1,900 - 2,100 masl

Best enjoyed as: Aeropress, cold brew

Producer: Abenet Alemayehu washing station

Region: Oromia; Guji Wereda, Odo Shakiso

Process: Washed
Dry Time: 10- 15 days

Harvest Month: October - December

The Reji Kebele Story:

The story starts with the founder of Daye Bensa Coffee, Asefa Dukamo. Asefa grew up in a family of coffee growers in the small city of Daye, in Sidama’s Bensa district. He observed the beauty and skill of the trade, and grew to love his region’s coffee and respect its farmers.

He witnessed both the rewards and the challenges of farming coffee. He took note of the frustrating limitations growers can be faced with daily and in the long-term, and set his heart on creating a business that could alleviate those.
Under the name of the owner and General Manager of our company, Asefa Dukamo we have a farm in Keramo village in Bensa and one more large farm in Kaffa region. Apart from getting coffee from these farms it gives an opportunity to work with small coffee farm holders to reach out the community in helping them in maintaining, expanding and in providing training in addition to the provision of financial and technical support.
As for the coffee… well, the harvest will speak for itself. The region has been a consistent producer of high-quality coffee and this year will be no different. The farms and washing stations, besides showcasing the ‘wonder bean’, are also host to some gorgeous views. The waterfall at Abore, for instance, is not one to miss. Overall, a trip to Bensa is bound to be rewarding in and of itself – the place is fascinating, the air is clean, and your hosts are warm at heart.