Born out of the dynamism and unstoppable energy of Toronto, Hale Coffee has emerged as an independent coffee roaster dedicated to educating our customers that specialty, quality coffee, has a rightful place in our city. Everyone on our team shares a genuine belief in the potential for coffee to bring people together and inspire a creative community - one as diverse as coffee itself. 

Since opening our doors many years ago, we have remained true to our innovative approach to sourcing, roasting and brewing coffee. At the heart of this philosophy is the creation of an inclusive space for independent coffee shops and roasters to join in on this growing cultural movement. 

All of our coffee beans are carefully sourced from direct trade relationships with passionate coffee farmers from around the world. Participating in direct trade with regional farmers also ensures that the farmers doing the work are being paid fair prices for their awesome coffee and hard work.

Our quality and community-driven approach has been recognized by Toronto’s most prominent publications and coffee festivals. From our humble beginnings on Queen and Spadina to our current home in The Junction Triangle, we are proud to be one of Toronto’s finest roasters and coffee hubs. Join us as we continue to invest in the expansion of third wave coffee culture in this amazing city we get to call home.


In addition to all of that...



  • Extensive skill sharing program that ensures the consistent delivery of a high quality coffee experience
  • Managerial programs for café owners on customer journey development, operations, and quality control
  • Customized solutions for new coffee shops and cafes dealing with ever-changing dynamics 




  • Sourcing and delivery of a full range of high-quality machinery at industry standards - everything you need to build and run a roastery or cafe
  • Full maintenance program including on site assessment and repairs
  • Regular servicing, training, and optimization