Colombia Decaf Coffee

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Tasting Notes: Honey Glazed Pecans

Hale Taste Scale: 2 - Traditional

Varietals: Various

Elevation: Various

Best enjoyed as: Espresso

    Learn more about Colombia Decaf

    Hale Colombia Decaf Coffee is a decaffeinated blend from Colombia. Our decaf coffee is a medium roast blend that is processed using the Kaffee Veredelugs Werk (KVW) method, also known as "The European Method" of decaffeination. This process removes 95% of the caffeine from coffee while retaining the flavour profile of the beans. If you drink Hale Colombia Decaf you will experience tasting notes of honey glazed pecans and get plenty of flavour without the caffeine. 

    Available as whole beans or ground to match your brewing gear at home - we  recommend brewing with either espresso or filter, and we can grind your coffee to be as coarse or as fine as you wish.