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300 Campbell Avenue
Junction Triangle, ON, M6P 3V6


Hale Coffee is a Toronto based specialty coffee micro roaster.

We source the highest quality coffee beans from around the world (our team physically travels to specialty coffee farms in countries around the equator belt such as Nicaragua, Brazil, Guatemala, Colombia, Costa Rica, Ethiopia etc..) and bring back the green coffee beans for roasting here at 1485 DuPont Street (The Junction Triangle).

We then package the coffees into bags that are shipped out (we personally deliver and do not rely on a third party courier) the coffee to your cafe, bakery or restaurant. 


Shipping Info

check out our shipping details, we cater and ship to anyone and everyone who really wants incredible coffee in their home.

Downtown: All orders are put out for delivery on Monday. 

Not Downtown: If you live outside of the downtown core then your coffee will be sent out to the post office (Canada Post or Purolator) on Monday. Coffee usually takes 1 business day to arrive within Ontario and Quebec. In some occasions, the coffee will take 2 business days.
* Give a buffer of 2 days to receive the coffee, just in case.

Canada Wide: Shipping to the rest of Canada might take up to 5 business days. Usually 3 business days is a more realistic estimate.

Subscription Service: You will be placed on a recurring shipment. Monday is the day of delivery. Apply above rules in your wait time.



Q. Where do you ship?
A. Anywhere in Canada. Sorry, fellow Americans, we don't have a regular shipping service to the US yet. However, we can accommodate international orders on a case by case basis. Check below for details.

Q. Where and how do you deliver?
A. We mainly drive when making a drop off within downtown area.
A. Alternatively; we use Canada Post Standard service for all orders outside of downtown area.

Q. What are your delivery charges?
A. Flat rate of $10 for all orders within Ontario and Quebec, $15 for delivery to all other provinces, nationwide.

Q. How are the beans packaged?
A. In our beautiful heat-sealed coffee bags that contain a degassing valve for optimum freshness while in transit and at home. 

Q. What if I wanted a faster or different shipping method - would you accommodate this?
A. Absolutely - we will work with you to get your order out the way you like it.

Q. I do not live in Canada and I really, really want to try your coffee. Can this be arranged?
A. We are flattered - we will gladly work with you to get these beans to you wherever you are on this planet. Let us know of your request details by phone or email.

Note: The above schedules and rates apply to our individual customers only. Business clients have different schedules and pricing.


Q. I prefer a specific single origin or blended coffee. Can I customize my subscription, in that it would always include that type of coffee?
A. Of course, you can customize your subscription service as you please. Let us know what you like and we'll make sure you get it.

Q. I'll be out of town and I want to freeze my subscription. Is this possible?
A. Sure, let us know of the hold period and we will accommodate accordingly.

Q. I want to cancel my subscription. Can I do that?
A. If you really want to, yes. Send us an email informing us that you no longer want to be a Crew Member. Any outstanding amounts are non-refundable and will be allocated as store credit for future use - could be redeemed for any products in our store.



Q. How fresh is my coffee?
A. All beans are packaged and shipped within a maximum of 48 hours from roasting. We roast, package and ship to order. Every bag has the batch roast date on it, allowing you to track freshness by the day.