Timana - Colombian Coffee

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Tasting Notes: Caramel, Apple Jam

Hale Taste Scale: 6 - Hipster/Balanced

Varietals: Caterra, Castillo

Elevation: 1,200m - 2,100m

Best Enjoyed As: French Press

Learn more about Timana:

The Regional Select program was created to highlight the unique profiles we have found that are inherent to various microclimates in many of the countries from which we source green coffee. Local variables like wind patterns, soil quality, sunlight, elevation, and other environmental influences have much to do with the common characteristics that separate, say, a Northern Colombian from a Southern Colombian coffee, just as they inform the differences between a Colombian and a Kenyan. Huila’s profile is more toward toffee sweetness, lemon acidity, and smooth mouthfeel than the punchier fruit-forward lots of Cauca or Nariño. These coffees tend to be perfect “breakfast blend” types, versatile and interesting without being too challenging to the palate.