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300 Campbell Avenue
Junction Triangle, ON, M6P 3V6


Hale Coffee is a Toronto based specialty coffee micro roaster.

We source the highest quality coffee beans from around the world (our team physically travels to specialty coffee farms in countries around the equator belt such as Nicaragua, Brazil, Guatemala, Colombia, Costa Rica, Ethiopia etc..) and bring back the green coffee beans for roasting here at 1485 DuPont Street (The Junction Triangle).

We then package the coffees into bags that are shipped out (we personally deliver and do not rely on a third party courier) the coffee to your cafe, bakery or restaurant. 

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At Hale, we make it our mission to ensure that everyone can feel like they share a spot in the coffee community. Our focus on building and maintaining strong relationships with our clients and customers is unparalleled. We consider you family, rather than just another transaction. If you enjoy quality coffee, and would like to indulge in a diverse community of baristas, roasters, and farmers, consider sourcing our beans for your shop :)



We offer a range of single origin coffees that you can serve anywhere. Our goal? To teach you all about it. 

Contact us for more information, or stop by one of our shops to chat with us.


What’s good coffee if not prepared properly? We understand that training your baristas to prepare the perfect cup can be daunting. Let us help you take care of that.

Feel secure in knowing that all new wholesale accounts come paired with complimentary barista training.


We work with the best equipment, and our experience in the industry allows us to confidently source the proper supplies for your shop.

Let us share our knowledge and resources with you.

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