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300 Campbell Avenue
Junction Triangle, ON, M6P 3V6


Hale Coffee is a Toronto based specialty coffee micro roaster.

We source the highest quality coffee beans from around the world (our team physically travels to specialty coffee farms in countries around the equator belt such as Nicaragua, Brazil, Guatemala, Colombia, Costa Rica, Ethiopia etc..) and bring back the green coffee beans for roasting here at 1485 DuPont Street (The Junction Triangle).

We then package the coffees into bags that are shipped out (we personally deliver and do not rely on a third party courier) the coffee to your cafe, bakery or restaurant. 


If you REALLY love us, you can stay tuned to this page. We will post things about our coffees, our wholesale partners and a lot on farming and brewing. 


The Hale Crew

Stay tuned coffee lovers, the team is making it's way down to Nicaragua.

We're hoping to establish new direct trade relationships and to introduce new coffees to our offering list. This trip is going to be a real eye opener, seeing exactly how the coffee we roast, is harvested. 

Keep an eye out for videos, pictures and more.


DAY 1 - Arrival in Augusto Sandino International Airport in Managua

DAY 2 - San Juan Del Rio Coco, La Esperanza, which is owned and operated by Armando Zeledon.

The team will Meet Armando and have an intimate tour of his estate where we will learn about varietals and see the processing of the coffee.

DAY 3 Peralta Processing facility

We will be arriving in the Peralta processing facility where we will be given a tour, to see first hand the diligent work done in preparing the coffee. We will then have an intimate cupping session with Marilec, a certified Q grader, cupping local coffees from the region.

We will then be meeting with Rodrigo Peralta where he will guide us to Las Golondrinas, his majestic and internationally award winning estate.

Day 4  Arrive in Danilo Alfaro’s estate, where he will be welcoming us, and showing us around his estate.

hike down a different route that leads directly to the water cascade that became the inspiration for the name given to the estate. We highly recommend doing this hike in order to fully appreciate the unique eco-system of the estate, as well as an opportunity to see exotic birds and rare flowers.

DAY 5  Pueblo Nuevo to the Canales estate

Arrive in Pueblo Nuevo where the Canales family will greet us in their home; where we will meet the family patriarch- Don Daniel Canales. After our initial introduction we will then head to another processing facility where we will be cupping some of the exclusive lots grown by the brothers. This coffee producing family has built strong relationships with many renowned companies such as; Intelligentisa and Stumptown. It is our absolute honour to be their representatives in Canada and this private cupping session will demonstrate the quality of their product.

Arrive at Los Delerios, the family estate that is now operated by the three Canales brothers. We will have tour of the estate and get to see the unique methods of processing that the brothers have been experimenting and perfecting over the course of the last decade.

DAY 6 Cerro Negro volcano for a hike and some surfing/ashboarding

DAY 7 Rum factory tour just outside Leon, to the famous Flor de Cana distillery

We will enter the distillery and begin the tour. This tour is not only meant to include coffee cupping, we will be doing some light rum tastings and witness the process that goes into creating one of the world’s most decorated and esteemed rums.