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300 Campbell Avenue
Junction Triangle, ON, M6P 3V6


Hale Coffee is a Toronto based specialty coffee micro roaster.

We source the highest quality coffee beans from around the world (our team physically travels to specialty coffee farms in countries around the equator belt such as Nicaragua, Brazil, Guatemala, Colombia, Costa Rica, Ethiopia etc..) and bring back the green coffee beans for roasting here at 1485 DuPont Street (The Junction Triangle).

We then package the coffees into bags that are shipped out (we personally deliver and do not rely on a third party courier) the coffee to your cafe, bakery or restaurant. 


If you REALLY love us, you can stay tuned to this page. We will post things about our coffees, our wholesale partners and a lot on farming and brewing. 

Nicaragua - Day 3: Finca Las Golondrinas

The Hale Crew

region: nuevo segundo
city: dipilto
farm: las golondrinas
owner: rodrigo peralta
altitude: 1,850 m

This was the Hale Mary (playing on words) of coffee farms in Nicaragua, and arguably the region as a whole. 

It is already a well known fact that Dipilto is by far the most superior coffee growing parts in the country, but what Rodrigo Peralta brings to the table is an unparalleled dedication to quality. 

The drive up to Golondrinas is lengthy, about an two hours up from Mozonte (where we were earlier that day in the Peralta processing facility). The weather continued to change the closer we were to the farm top. You could feel the air get lighter, more cool and crisp. There is a sense that Ramzi and I have probably never breathed such fresh weather. 

This is not just a coffee plantation, this is specialty coffee at it's finest. The climate, the soil, the altitude and the passion behind growing the coffee is something like we have not experienced before. Rayy was adamant that we get Golondrinas for our special lineup this coming May, stay tuned.s