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300 Campbell Avenue
Junction Triangle, ON, M6P 3V6


Hale Coffee is a Toronto based specialty coffee micro roaster.

We source the highest quality coffee beans from around the world (our team physically travels to specialty coffee farms in countries around the equator belt such as Nicaragua, Brazil, Guatemala, Colombia, Costa Rica, Ethiopia etc..) and bring back the green coffee beans for roasting here at 1485 DuPont Street (The Junction Triangle).

We then package the coffees into bags that are shipped out (we personally deliver and do not rely on a third party courier) the coffee to your cafe, bakery or restaurant. 

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Hale offers a stylish and spacious setting for any kind of event. Best prices for space rental, patio and in house food options.



Hale offers a stylish and spacious setting for any kind of event. With high ceilings and lots of natural sunlight, the space is as beautiful as it is functional. State of the art facilities, ample counter space, a trendy interior design, mini art gallery and even an outdoor garden. Every detail of this space was carefully considered and built with love - using our own two hands.

Hale is multi dimensional. We specialize in hosting. Thanks to the agile properties of the Junction Roastery, we can utilize the space for up to 120 guests. Think industrial, think chic and imagine an evening full of fun, laughter and a good time. Eat, Drink and Dance.

1500 SQF area stands out as it offers two bar areas, two high top counters, a relaxed back area with sit down ability as well as a fully inclusive surround system for your choice of music.

Live band? YES
Playlist? YES
In house food options? YES

Projector? YES



What type of events can we host at Hale?
Event Space from 7pm - 2am
Wheelchair Accessible

* Cocktail Parties
* Corporate Functions
* Christmas Parties
* Birthday Parties
* Birthday Dinners (20 person sit down)
* Art Shows & Workshops


What makes Hale better for my event?

* In House Food Option
* Open Bar or Cash Bar
* Front Porch (patio) w/ Alcohol
* Live Band Capacity
* High Ceilings
* Natural Sunlight or Beautiful Dimmed Lighting
* Full Bar Setup (includes Keg ability) 
* Free Public Parking


IN HOUSE or Third party catering

We work with a few third party catering options. Urban Acorn is around the corner from Hale and are very good friends. Top quality foods, with a focus on alternative products for the vegan, vegetarian or those with dietary restrictions. P&L is another option that offers a delightful variation of food menus for any type of get together. You can ask us if you need any other referrals. 

Alternatively, a more cost conscious option is Hale's in-house Food Program. This is priced only after confirming the number of guests and what type of menu you are interested in. With Hale, you look at very well curated menu items to match your exact needs, tasty being an understatement and at a significantly better prices. We keep the numbers transparent.



To inquire about having your event at Hale please fill out the form below and take a look at our event’s Pamphlet for more information

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