Amizade - Brazilian Coffee

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Tasting Notes: Chocolate, Walnuts

Hale Taste Scale: 4 - Traditional/Balanced

Varietals: Yellow Bourbon, Catimor

Elevation: 1,150m - 1,300m

Process: Natural

Best Enjoyed As: Chemex

Learn more about Amizade:

Amizade is a single origin Brazilian Coffee. We are excited to bring this new direct trade partnership to you that supports local Brazilian coffee farmers. These coffee beans come from various small lot farms in the specialty-producing region of Cerrado Mineir. The farms are scattered at an elevation of 1,150m - 1,300m and processed using the natural method (for more about processing methods, check out our blog). We roast Amizade coffee beans at the Hale roastery in Toronto and love the rich tasting notes of chocolate and walnuts.