Montelin - Nicaragua

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Tasting Notes: Biscoff Cookies, Caramel

Hale Taste Scale: 6 - Well Balanced, but has an edgy side

Varietals: H1

Region: Jalapa

Process: Washed

Elevation: 1,350m

Coffee Producer: Juan Ramon Diaz

Best Enjoyed As: French Press, cold brew

Learn more about Montelin:

Early on in our discussions, it became clear to us that the Diaz families’ values and their vision for the future of their farming enterprise aligned with what we look for in our collaborative partnerships. Their attention to detail and commitment to improvement is evident in the gradual growth of their farms, and the plans they are developing where the focus is on producing only specialty coffee, even if the required varietals are lower yielding and more at risk to rust diseases- it is a risk they are confronting with the utmost confidence and faith.

In 2004 the family acquired their second coffee farm- Monteliní  in the prestigious area of Dipilto, this estate is a continuation and expansion from their first property and is one that is situated in an area where many of their more exotic and unique varietals can thrive and grow under. With Juan’s full attention and commitment to purely growing specialty coffee, he is well aware of the arduous work and patience that is required. However, it is these challenges that the family is looking forward to as they begin to engage in more direct relationships with the ever-evolving global specialty coffee market.