Higueron - Costa Rican Coffee

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Tasting Notes: Praline, Cocoa

Hale Taste Scale: 6 -Balanced with a bit of brightness 

Varietals: Caturra & Villa sarchi

Elevation: 1,600 m

Region: San Andres, Tarrazú

Best enjoyed as: Pour Over

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    You won't find another country that takes its coffee more seriously than Costa Rica. In fact, producing low-quality coffee is actually against the law and Costa Rican farmers are prohibited from planting low-quality beans (all coffee must be 100% Arabica.)

    Our new release came all the way from Costa Rica's most premier coffee region, Tarrazú (pronounced “Tar-ah-zoo”) which is known for producing beans that have complex acidity with a subtle chocolate flavour. We are proud to be working with our partner Cafe Imports and their Community Coffee program with CoopeTarrazu. This program encouraging the cooperative to increase its attention to traceability and the opportunities that small producers have to achieve recognition for their coffees.