KINTO SLOW COFFEE STYLE Carafe Set 2 Cup Stainless Steel

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SLOW COFFEE STYLE encourages you to slow down and enjoy the meditative aspects of brewing pour over coffee. It can be a joyful and relaxing part of your morning, whether it's just how you start your morning routine or an essential part of your daily mindfulness practice. And whatever you're brewing with, it needs to make delicious coffee and please the eye while it's working its magic. That's where this carafe set comes in, the organic form of the glass combined with a stainless steel filter that extracts coffee oil and brings out richness and aroma in the brewed coffee hits both of those marks.

We recommend a Medium grind for the coffee beans. The ground coffee can be put directly in the filter, and the filter can be used repeatedly by washing. Very fine coffee particles may pass through the filter, but this is a characteristic of the stainless steel filter and contribute to more body.

A mark on the carafe indicates 2 cups of dripped coffee. The holder can be used to measure the amount of coffee beans as well as to place the filter after use. Marks on the holder indicate 10g and 20g of coffee beans. All parts are stackable for compact storage.